Military pay was digitized way back. With the progress of the military department, we can say that the way they are going ahead with the technological advancements they will surely reach up to the highest peaks. It was seen in the current year that there was 2.4% hike up in the Military salary and it’s a moment for rejoicing for all the military personnel.

This NDAA was signed up by Trump in the month of January 2018 and this was then rolled out in the pay scale of the military personnel in the upcoming month. Further, the military personnel has got the advantage of calculating their salary details by way of military pay chart present on the official website. This is way too important as it gives an opportunity to all the military people plan their finances and look out for investments and plan their bills.

Understanding the Military Pay Chart Calculator

The dynamics of the military pay chart calculator are way too simple and it was formulated by keeping in mind the access for all those people who are no tech savvy. In order to get the military pay details, you need to enter in your base pay. Base pay is basically the base salary which is given to all the military employees. Generally, there is an increase in the base pay every two years, wherein they have the chance of promotion. Worry not, in case you are not able to grab the golden opportunity for promotion, you will have an increment in your base pay.

Basic Housing Allowance:

Then comes the housing allowance which is rolled out to all the officials who are living off the base camp. All those, who are staying in the military dorms, do not have access to this pay as the government is providing housing facility for them. This house allowance is fixed and even if you have a house at a cheaper price, you will be paid the full housing allowance. Voila! You have an added income here. In the military pay chart calculator, this is calculated by inserting the zip code of the state you are posted in and your grade in the military department.

Basic Food Allowance:

The second category is the Basic food allowance, which is again rolled out to people who are living off the base camp. The reason behind this is that the people staying at the base camp have the facility of a mess. However, once you are promoted to a higher grade or you are out of the training regime, you can always ask for the basic food allowance and can arrange your own groceries.

Other Determinants:

Further, the determinants for the basic housing allowance and basic food allowance are your marital status, dependents, if you have any, your grade in the military department and the years of service in this field.

Then the other categories of allowances that go in into the military pay chart are the family separation allowance and the dive allowance. For instance, if you are living somewhere away from your family, you are provided with an allowance for their maintenance as well. The dive allowances are given for all the people involved in the navy department and have the compulsion to learn diving.

Welcome to Military Pay Chart, your source for all the information you need to leverage all the benefits of being military.

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