The Laws and the regulations of the country have been framed for the welfare of the citizens. Similarly, the working class of the country is favored by the government and according to the laws has got minimum wage system. Let us first understand the basic concept of the minimum wage system. The government of the country determines the minimum sum to be released to the employee for the work done.

Understanding the Basics

Considering the different ranks and the hierarchy in the military services, the military came up with the idea of military pay chart. Military pay chart basically determines the sum of money that is to be processed by the employee for the work done. This military salary is determined on the basis of different factors such as the status or the hierarchy in the army, pay grades etc. However, in the Navy Department and all other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the salary details are governed by the years of service and their status, which is also known as Enlisted Personnel in the Army.

Coming back to the Department of Navy, in case you are aiming for that promotion you need to pull up your socks and showcase exceptional performance during the course of your duty. Plus, in order to get promoted, you have to be an Enlisted Sailor, along with that you have to earn an increase in the rate.

Further, for the promotions in your rank, you are also governed by the experience factor in service. Generally, within nine months you are eligible for the E2 rank from the E1, which will also depict a raise in your pay chart. Again after nine months, you can be held eligible for the rank of E3. In order to climb up the ladder and grab on to the rank of E4, you have to give in another 6 months of service.

Adding up to all of this, recently good news came up in the store for all the Military people. The Government has announced a rise of 1.4% in the military pay chart plus they have introduced some incentives as well. These incentives are to be paid to the service class people by way of one-time special payments.


All of us wonder that these guys from the Military Department will be earning loads and loads of money plus the incentives of the posh house and other facilities. Here, we have mentioned all the Military Salary details and you can figure things out on your own. Further, the military pay chart is divided into numerous categories such as family separation allowance. In case you are in the Navy Department, you will be given dive allowance as well.

Recently, the government has announced an appraisal of 1.9% but this one was quashed because of some federal deficits, which were reported by the government. It was calculated that the 1.4% raise will give in 377 billion dollars and 1.9% hike will give in 900 billion dollars of money. Thus, the government was incapable of managing the funds and this hike was then called off. In a nutshell, all the basic salary allowances and the incentives make up for some good money.

Welcome to Military Pay Chart, your source for all the information you need to leverage all the benefits of being military.

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