Most of the people involved in the army department are questioned a lot regarding the military pay chart and its breakup. In fact, most of the people from the military department depend on military pay chart calculator to monitor their salary and incentives. Let us first understand as to what a military pay chart is? Military pay chart contains all the military salary details of the employees of different positions.

There are numerous factors that are involved in the determination of the military salary such as the experience in this field, the performance quotient etc. However, the book for the military pay chart determination carries with itself some 1000 pages. Here, we will be introducing you will all the basic categories of military pay in a comprehensive way. Let’s start:s

Base Pay:

The first category is the base pay of a military employee. The base pay lays down the foundation of your salary in the military services. The basis of base pay is the time you have spent in the military services. This depends on your promotion, which shall be bagged by you considering your performance. In case, you are not able to grab the opportunity of promotion, you will still receive a hike up in your base pay.

Drill Pay:

Then there is drill pay. Drill pay is basically the foundation pay for the Guards and Reserve components. However, you get drills for 4 days instead of getting the drills for 2 days. This turns out to be the best part of the drill pay. One drill is equivalent to the work of 2 days and which is why the drill pay gets doubles.

Basic Allowance for Housing:

This is the housing allowance for all the military people who are living off base. Additionally, this is determined by way of status or your rank in the military, the ZIP Code of the base assigned to you and the marital status and kids. The good thing about this is that, in case you are living somewhere off base which is of lower cost as compared to the basic allowance for housing, you will be paid in full. The salary details for BAH is given online.

Basic Allowance for the Substance:

Do not take the word substance literally. Here, substance translates to the allowance for food. All the military people who are living off base are given full allowance for food. In case you are living at the base and have access to the dorm, then you will be given the lesser amount of food allowance. The reason behind this is that you will have the facility of mess food. However, if you are working shifts even though you are staying in the dorm, you will be given full food allowance.

In a nutshell, there are a lot of categories that make up the military pay chart. In order to get the salary details, you need to check online and create the account. After that, you have to insert in your basic pay value and the direct deposit information. The military salary shall be directly credited to your account on the 1st or 15th of every month.

Welcome to Military Pay Chart, your source for all the information you need to leverage all the benefits of being military.

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