The military people have got it all sorted. They are considered as the most organized people. The fair example of their organization skill is the military pay chart. This is a step forward in the world of digitization. The military pay chart depicts all the military salary details according to the different ranks of the personnel. The military personnel is paid twice a month, that is the 1st and the 15th of every month and the money is directly credited into your bank account. These bank accounts are held by some of the most famous nationalized banks in the USA.

The best part about the military joining hands with the technology is that the military people can now monitor their salary. Now let us understand the dynamics of the military pay chart and what all categories are there in the military pay chart.

Division of Allowance

The first category is the base pay which is the base for the salary of the employee. This is the fixed amount that is to be paid to all the military personnel on the basis of their rank. However, this base pay increases after every two years along with the promotion. In case, you are not able to bag the rank, you need not worry; still, there will be a hike in your base pay.

Second is the Basic Housing Allowance. This is given to the military employee if they are living off the base camp. This again depends on the rank, your experience and your dependencies such as children or marital status. The same thing happens with the Basic Food Allowance as well.

With the help of military pay chart calculator, you can have a look at the military compensation amount of the past year, the present year and the future year. This is because the military compensation keeps on changing every year. Once you scroll through their official website you need to enter in your base pay and the grade you are in. Along with this, you have to enter your Basic Housing Allowance and Basic Substance Allowance, which is your food allowance. Once all of this done, you will be able to calculate your military salary.

Military Pay Chart

However, the military pay chart is taxable. With the help of military pay chart calculator, you will be able to view your salary amount that is taxable and the amount that is not taxable. Talking about the grading system, you need to have a look at the grade distribution as well. Given below is the depiction of the military pay grade system:

E depicts Enlisted Members

W is for Warrant Officer

O is for Commissioned Officer

Clubbed in with this, you have different numerical as well. This number denotes the pay level for all of these grades. The basic pay level starts from number one.


In all moving ahead with the world of technology, the military department has incorporated the pay scale for the military personnel in a well-off way. Without any hassle, the personnel are paid into their bank accounts directly and to remove any discrepancies, they are given a chance to calculate their military salary on their own.

Welcome to Military Pay Chart, your source for all the information you need to leverage all the benefits of being military.

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